KC Beer Bloggers, UNITE!

Recently, a group of us beer bloggers met up to think of ways to work together and continue to promote the beer scene here in KC. We’ve been informally calling ourself the ‘more perfect bloggers union’, which consists of Alex from Scouting the Taps; Jim from KC Beer Scouts; Jay from KC Beer Blog; and myself (Sarah.)

Luckily, the perfect opportunity to work together for the first time fell in our laps. Roughtail Brewing, from Oklahoma City, hit the market this week in Kansas and sent us some brews to try. Being the beer lovers we are, we sat around for four hours a couple of weeks ago, talked about beer in KC, blogging, and had a little taste test of our own.

Here are my notes from that evening. To check out the others’ tasting notes, click on their respective links in the above paragraph and check them out. Mega thanks to Jim for putting together our flavor waves and for Jay for taking the header photos.

Roughtail Brewing Tasting Notes From KC Beer Guide

Pale Ale: Roughtail-Pale-Ale_flavor-waveWe started off our evening with the Roughtail Pale Ale. We all agreed it felt a little thin-bodied, but it had a nice level of hoppiness. It was high on the sparkle with a golden haze in color. I definitely tasted citrus in it with a bit of a bitter balance. This could be a sessionable ale for a summer day.


Roughtail IPA: What the pale may have missed in body, the IPA makes up. Sitting at about the same level of hoppiness, the IPA had more of an alcohol quality to it. It was an evenly balanced beer with the level of happiness one would expect from a west coast-style ale. I got a little citrus in this and a small bit of astringency.


Hoptomotrist: Take the malty hoppiness of the Roughtail IPA and kick it up a notch and you’ll find yourself enjoying a Hoptomotrist Imperial IPA. This even-bodied ale kicks up the malt and alcohol just enough from the IPA to be distinguishable. Definitely not one to drink all night, but every now and then it’s nice to have a kicked up brew to take things to the next level.


To learn more about Roughtail Brewing, visit their website and pick up some in Kansas!