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Best places to drink with your dog in Kansas City (2017 Update!)

* In a sad twist of fate, Scooby, our cover dog featured above passed away 5/29/14. RIP little buddy, we’ll pour one out for you.

Dogs make great drinking buddies – they can’t talk, you don’t have to buy them a drink, and they’re awfully cute. While you can’t take your dog inside most places, there are a lot of great patio options for bringing your dog along in the metro. We partnered with Beer Paws to compile this list of great places to drink with your dog.  Read more

Best Kid-Friendly Beer Establishments in Kansas City

You may have noticed that things have been a bit, errr, quiet around KC Beer Guide. There’s a good explanation for that – we have a new little member of our family (ok, she’s 8-months old now) but still – it’s been a crazy year.

I have been working with some other local bloggers in Kansas City and we are brewing up something exciting in the upcoming weeks – so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I’ve been conducting a lot of ‘research’ into places that are kid-friendly to have a beer. There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not it’s ‘ok’ to bring your kids to a brewery. Many places are fine to bring your kid during the day – obviously don’t let them run around and scream their heads off, or overdo it on the libations and you’ll be fine. If you’re out to do some serious craft beering – it’s obviously probably best to leave the kids at home. In my experience, there are a few places that are even better for bringing the kid – some even cater to children, all while serving up a good craft beer.

Here are a few of my favorite kid-friendly craft beer establishments in Kansas City.

KC Bier Company: Stop by KC Bier Company in Waldo on any Saturday with decent weather and you’ll see lots of kids (and dogs) playing in the bier garden. The brewery even has a bar playhouse with faux taps and pitchers where kids can pretend to pour beers. Like anywhere else, though, the kids will create their own fun and you see a lot of them playing with the rocks in the beer garden. While you’re there, drink the popular, yet low-a.b.v. dunkel or any of their constantly rotating seasonals.

Char Bar: Located in Westport in the old Beaumont space (RIP) is Char Bar – an indoor/outdoor BBQ+Beer concept, which opened last year by the good folks who run McCoys, Foundry and Beer Kitchen. As a resident of the Westport area, I’ve noticed more and more families around the district, and places like Char Bar are perfect for taking the kids on a nice afternoon. The bar has a huge outdoor space with traditional yard games like bocce, croquet and corn hole. The beer selection is great with rotating seasonal taps from Odell, Boulevard and Deschutes, among many other options on tap, in bottles and in cans. Like any other place with outdoor space, it gets super crowded, but if your kid is like mine – the people watching can keep them entertained for hours.

There are many other places that are great for bringing the kids along. Which are your favorites?

*Disclaimer: We obviously don’t advocate getting smashed while hanging with the kids, and always have a designated driver if driving is involved.

Taking Off: Best places to get beer flights in Kansas City

As an individual who thrives on change and new experiences, nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to try a beer flight at different restaurants and breweries. There’s no better way to see the rainbows of color and taste the unique characteristics of each style’s hop and malt combinations. To me, trying flights of beer is the best way to experience it all (without ending up passed out, head on the bar.)

Read more

Granite City Bluberrian Tapping May 12

Ever tried a Blueberry lager?


No… Me either. Well, let’s do that. In fact, let’s all go down to Granite City on May 12th from 4-6 pm to kick off American Craft Beer Week as GC taps a brewery favorite, Blueberrian. You should drink it on name alone, but for the purists, “this beer is slightly malty and subtly fruity; neither flavor overpowers the other which gives us this smooth, drinkable beer, with a hint of refreshing blueberry,” according to the beer brain at GC.

Put a blue Viking and a stein on the label and I’m ready to pop my… well… blueberry.