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Best Kid-Friendly Beer Establishments in Kansas City

You may have noticed that things have been a bit, errr, quiet around KC Beer Guide. There’s a good explanation for that – we have a new little member of our family (ok, she’s 8-months old now) but still – it’s been a crazy year.

I have been working with some other local bloggers in Kansas City and we are brewing up something exciting in the upcoming weeks – so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I’ve been conducting a lot of ‘research’ into places that are kid-friendly to have a beer. There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not it’s ‘ok’ to bring your kids to a brewery. Many places are fine to bring your kid during the day – obviously don’t let them run around and scream their heads off, or overdo it on the libations and you’ll be fine. If you’re out to do some serious craft beering – it’s obviously probably best to leave the kids at home. In my experience, there are a few places that are even better for bringing the kid – some even cater to children, all while serving up a good craft beer.

Here are a few of my favorite kid-friendly craft beer establishments in Kansas City.

KC Bier Company: Stop by KC Bier Company in Waldo on any Saturday with decent weather and you’ll see lots of kids (and dogs) playing in the bier garden. The brewery even has a bar playhouse with faux taps and pitchers where kids can pretend to pour beers. Like anywhere else, though, the kids will create their own fun and you see a lot of them playing with the rocks in the beer garden. While you’re there, drink the popular, yet low-a.b.v. dunkel or any of their constantly rotating seasonals.

Char Bar: Located in Westport in the old Beaumont space (RIP) is Char Bar – an indoor/outdoor BBQ+Beer concept, which opened last year by the good folks who run McCoys, Foundry and Beer Kitchen. As a resident of the Westport area, I’ve noticed more and more families around the district, and places like Char Bar are perfect for taking the kids on a nice afternoon. The bar has a huge outdoor space with traditional yard games like bocce, croquet and corn hole. The beer selection is great with rotating seasonal taps from Odell, Boulevard and Deschutes, among many other options on tap, in bottles and in cans. Like any other place with outdoor space, it gets super crowded, but if your kid is like mine – the people watching can keep them entertained for hours.

There are many other places that are great for bringing the kids along. Which are your favorites?

*Disclaimer: We obviously don’t advocate getting smashed while hanging with the kids, and always have a designated driver if driving is involved.

Guide to Local Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to try beers from various breweries in the KC area. We at KC Beer Guide have come up with a list of local brews that pair well with traditional Thanksgiving fare. Skip the grocery or liquor store on Wednesday for your libations and grab your growler to fill with one of these local faves.

Turkey: Some of the best brews to pair with turkey include bîere de garde, dubbel, and dunkel. And where better to get some malty, sweet dunkel than KC Bier Company? No matter what style of turkey you serve – whether it be brined, doused in maple syrup, stuffed with bread cubes, or just straight up – dunkel is light enough that it won’t overpower the bird’s flavor, but flavorful enough that it will enhance it.

Stuffing: Nothing goes with stuffing better than sweet potatoes. Ok, that’s a stretch, obviously turkey is the best thing to pair with stuffing, but we think that Pennywise Sweet Tater Ale from Big Rip Brewing Company would be a great pick to balance out savory elements of stuffing. If you’re rolling through the northland, you may as well stop by Cinder Block Brewing and pick up some Prime Pale Ale to bring out the herbal flavor of the stuffing.

Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin pie is a staple at almost any Thanksgiving feast. Oftentimes people serve coffee with dessert – but we think Torn Label Brewing’s House Brew – a coffee wheat – is better than just plain coffee. It combines a robust coffee flavor without being too thick to outshine pumpkin pie. It would also combine well with brunch on Thursday morning with leftover turkey enchiladas or eggs Benedict.

Apple Pie: When it comes to dessert, a robust, complex porter is a no-fail option that pairs well with almost anything. When combined with apple pie, it’ll really balance out the sweetness of the apples while bringing out the spicy cinnamon flavors. Border Brewing Company’s Campfire Porter gets our pick for best option for pairing with apple pie.

What do you think? What local brews will you be grateful for this holiday season?

Kansas City Girls’ Pint Out Events Coming Up

Hello, world. It’s been a long summer here at the Beer Guide with a new baby and life things, the beer consumption slowed for a bit, but now we’re back!

There’s a small group of ladies (and some gentlemen) who get together once a month to mingle, drink good beer, and check out the latest craft beer joints in Kansas City. Girls Pint Out is a national craft beer organization for women. The mission is to build a community of women who love craft beer and who are an active, contributing part of the greater craft beer community. It just so happens that Kansas City’s chapter is ramping up again after taking a hiatus this summer (see a theme here?) with many festivals coming up this Fall!

Even though the organization is for women, men can come too. It might even be a good place to meet a special lady who loves good beer, if you’re looking for something like that…

September 24, 6-8 p.m. KC Bier Company: GPO will be holding a private tour of the brewing facilities at Kansas City Bier Company and, of course, imbibing on their excellent brews. $15 for Beer, Tour & GPO Glass & Sticker -or- $10 for Beer & Tour only. To RSVP, click here.

October 29, 6:30 p.m., Haunted Happy Hour at Big Rip: Because they had so much fun at last year’s haunted happy hour, GPO will be enjoying another pre-Halloween happy hour at Big Rip. Tour, Tasting and COSTUME CONTEST! Details are TBD, but RSVP here to keep up on the deets!

More events are planned for November and December so stay tuned to the Girls’ Pint Out Facebook page to get the deets!

Hop-Heads Special Alert: One-off keg at KC Bier Company next week!

KC Bier Company is releasing a small batch bier on Wednesday, October 15th. This bier is called “SGH Hopfen Sack” or “Sean Grown Hops Hopfen Sack”. This small batch (one keg) is made from draining all of the beer out of the 60 pounds of hops we put in hop sacks used to dry hop our Hopfen Doof.KC Bier Co Hops

As if this bier wasn’t going to be hoppy enough, Sean Hill, a friend of their brewer Karlton, grows hops at his house. The morning he was draining all of the bier from the dry hop sacks, he went over to Sean’s house and picked a “metric ton” of fresh off-the-vine Centennial and Cascade hops and “wet hopped” the bier as well.

This bier would have already been intense, but with all of these hop additions it is an intense bomb of, citrus, floral, piney, grassy amazingness. For the hop-heads out there – this bier is truly going to make you happy.

Stop by the brewery in Waldo next Wednesday, October 15th at 6:00 p.m. to try it out for yourself.

Babes that love beer band together

We have recently partnered with Girls’ Pint Out, Beer Paws and KC Bier Company to bring you Yappy Hour on September 18. Because we are all ladies (or know ladies) who like beer and dogs, we thought it would be fun to put together a raffle and happy hour special to benefit KC Pet Project.

Stop by KC Bier Company on September 18 between 6 and 9 p.m. $10 gets you a pint and raffle tickets for our super awesome raffle prizes, to be announced soon. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for other upcoming announcements!

Yappy Hour-1

Taking Off: Best places to get beer flights in Kansas City

As an individual who thrives on change and new experiences, nothing makes me happier than the opportunity to try a beer flight at different restaurants and breweries. There’s no better way to see the rainbows of color and taste the unique characteristics of each style’s hop and malt combinations. To me, trying flights of beer is the best way to experience it all (without ending up passed out, head on the bar.)

Read more