Best places to drink with your dog in Kansas City (2017 Update!)

* In a sad twist of fate, Scooby, our cover dog featured above passed away 5/29/14. RIP little buddy, we’ll pour one out for you.

Dogs make great drinking buddies – they can’t talk, you don’t have to buy them a drink, and they’re awfully cute. While you can’t take your dog inside most places, there are a lot of great patio options for bringing your dog along in the metro. We partnered with Beer Paws to compile this list of great places to drink with your dog. 

Bar K Dog Bar: The newest concept in drinking with your dog is Bar K, which will be located in Berkeley Park on the riverfront in Downtown Kansas City. It will combine a state-of-the-art, professionally maintained and fully staffed dog park, with a bar, restaurant, and coffeehouse where customers can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat. The concept is slated to open in Fall 2017, but in the meantime, visit The Bar K Lab in the West Bottoms for special events with the Bar K staff.

Big Rip Brewing: Big Rip‘s beer garden to the West of its building in North Kansas City is the perfect place to bring your dog. There are picnic tables and umbrellas and plenty of space for your pup to lie down and enjoy the day. Big Rip typically has at least four or five beers on tap, plus if you’re hungry you can get some BBW from Hawg Jaw (next door) delivered right to you at your table.Dog Beer

BRGR Kitchen+Bar: Over in Prairie Village you can get a burger and a beer with your best bud at BRGR in Corinth Square. With multiple canned crafts, and draft suds, you’ll find a beer that fits your taste. Plus it has delicious food to pair with your booze.

Grinders: One of Kansas City’s staples is Grinders/Grinders West, a pizza and pub in the East side of the Crossroads. Out back, behind the restaurants is the stage/outdoor concert venue area, which doubles as a beer garden on days without shows. Families with dogs are not an uncommon sight at Grinders. The beer list is impressive with rotating taps and new beers every week.

KC Bier Company: Located in the heart of Waldo is KC Bier Company. The brewery’s biergarten is arguable one of the best in KC. According to their website, everyone in the family is welcome from Gramme to kids and even the family dog. Bonus: the area is shaded in the afternoons, so it makes for a good spot, even on warm days.

McCoy’s/Foundry/Char Bar: McCoy’s Public House, Char Bar and The Foundry in Westport have dog-friendly patios. A nice, spring day, coupled with delicious beers brewed right inside, makes for the perfect spot to enjoy with… well, Spot. Plus the food is delicious at both places, with lots of variety. The patios can get pretty busy, so make sure your dog is cool with crowds and lots of unsolicited petting from strangers.

Of course, anytime you take your dog with you, always remember these pet-iquette basics:

1. Before taking your dog out to a bar, be sure your pup is ready for the experience.

2. Is your dog OK with being petted by strange people, including possibly children? Is your dog able to be calm in a crowd of people? Does your dog have enough control over himself to not have accidents in an area where people are eating and drinking? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it might be best to leave your four-legged drinking buddy at home, where he will be more comfortable.

3. If your dog is friendly but doesn’t have great manners, taking him to a bar could actually be a good socialization exercise. Before you arrive, make sure your dog is outfitted in a training collar or harness that fits. Take along some high value treats that your dog can’t resist – these will come in handy if you need to distract him from people and as a reward for not jumping on people or barking.

4. You will, of course, also want to bring along some poop bags and possibly a collapsible water container in the event that the bar or restaurant will not provide a water dish for your pet.


Wally, our other dog model, sadly passed away from hemangiosarcoma in February 2017. RIP little buddy, you were a spunky little dude.

This is the best time of year to enjoy a patio beer with your furry friends. Anytime you want to bring your dog along, make sure the location is comfortable with having dogs and your dog is ready for the experience.

Where are your favorite spots to drink with your dog? Let us know in the comments below.

*** Per reader comments, you can also bring your dogs to the following:

Beer Paws photo courtesy of New Friends Photography & Design. This post originally appeared on KC Beer Guide and was originally posted on May 27, 2014 and updated May 19, 2017.

  • You guys forgot KC Bier Co. Dogs are welcome in our bier garden too! Plus we let your order in delivery from anywhere if you’re eating in the bier garden.


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      Our bad! Of course we couldn’t forget KC Bier Co. Thanks for keeping us straight!

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    Green Room Burgers and Beer

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    The Westside Local beer garden is pooch friendly!

  • Dogs always welcome inside or out at Wines by Jennifer!

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