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Throughout the year, KCBeerGuide.com updates its readers with the latest news in Kansas City’s brewery, home-brew, beer and restaurant scene.

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There are already many great resources in the area about beer news and events, but KC Beer Guide is the layperson’s guide to the scene in Kansas City. Beer travel and tourism is a growing industry and it’s about time Kansas City is recognized as a destination! There is a strong visitor’s component in the guide that encourages people to visit the city and spend their money at our breweries, restaurants and bars.


Anniversary 1Sarah Legg: Founder and editor Sarah Legg has been working in the publishing industry for more than 10 years starting with working as a reporter for a small community newspaper to founding and launching a successful health and wellness magazine focusing on the Kansas City area. As a small business owner (www.lvpubs.com) and proponent of the Kansas City startup scene, she is excited to launch a publication in the metro about one of her favorite topics: beer.

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